Your Life is Worth the Ride


Your life may depend on medical transport. Your loved ones may be in need of this type of transportation to seek medical care. Whether it is an emergency required transport for medical reasons, or if it is a non emergency, you should know that your life is most definitely worth the ride. You may have trained medical professionals who are highly qualified to assist you or your loved one in needed medical care. A trained medical team member will have the needed equipment to ensure that everyone involved receives any needed medical assistance. Medical transportation is available to and from a medical facility or a medical provider.

Medicaid May Cover the Costs

Many individuals fear that if they need medical transportation, they may not have the funds to cover the cost of this type of needed transportation. If you are an individual who has a government funded Medicaid insurance, then you will be glad to know that this may cover any costs for needed medical transportation. This will depend on your location and state that you are residing in. This is worth checking into because quite often, Medicaid will pay for non-emergency medical transports. There are some patients who may need transportation to and from a particular type of therapy. In many cases, a government funded insurance will pay for the needed medical care. This might include an outpatient physical therapy schedule. There are numerous other types of medical facilities that would be included in non-emergency medical transport. It would be worth a phone call to an agency and discover if your particular medical need transportation needs are covered. There are also insurance companies that might include medical transportation in a policy. It is wise to stay informed of all possible options and inclusions for payment.

Medical Transport Options and Choices

Medical transport offers those in need several options and choices. This is necessary because every individual will have unique transportation needs. These may include the following:

  • Advanced Life Support Transport: this is also known as ALS care. This is a unit that will ensure that a certified paramedic is in place an in the medical unit. This type of transport would be for the emergency scenarios. The scene of an accident would be a classic example. The patient may have been involved in a vehicle accident. This would be a need for immediate medical attention. This may include the use of an air medical transport. The trained paramedics would be needed for life saving procedures. This emergency medical transport has the goal to get the patient to a medical facility quickly, safely, and to stabilize the patient. The transport will be equipped with the needed medical equipment. There are indeed various options and choices for all medical transports. It will be dependent on the situation at hand.